What Kind Of Lawyer Do You Hire For A Hospital Wrongful Death Case?

Few things in life are as painful as learning a loved one died from someone’s mistake or malpractice in a hospital. There are never guarantees of success with surgery or with any invasive procedure. But negligence in the performance of medical care ruins lives and kills patients.

When someone you love dies because of a medical mistake, a misdiagnosis, a delay in treatment, a preventable infection, or an error in administering a drug, contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer, The Law Firm, to hold the negligent party accountable and to fight for the just compensation owed to the victim’s family or estate.

Death by medical error or accident is the nation’s leading cause of accidental death, exceeding all other causes of accidental death combined.

What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice or Hospital Negligence for Wrongful Death?

The law in North Carolina requires a victim of medical or hospital wrongful death to prove several elements to win compensation for wrongful death.

  1. The applicable standard care is the degree of care and skill the average medical practitioner in that field would provide considering the medical knowledge available.
  2. The hospital or healthcare provider breached their duty by failing to perform up to the applicable standard of care.
  3. The breach of their duty to perform equal to the appropriate standard of care was the proximate cause of the victim’s injury and/or death.
  4. The wrongful death claim must produce evidence proving any disability or death the victim suffered.

What an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney Can Do

The value of a life lost because of a hospital’s negligence is truly incalculable. But our system of civil justice recognizes that the person or institution responsible for causing a wrongful death must be accountable to the patient’s survivors.

There is no substitute for experience in medical or hospital wrongful death cases. Proving a medical malpractice wrongful death claim requires your lawyer to commit large amounts of financial resources to retain the services of a medical expert who can testify to what standard of care was owed and what action or inaction by the medical team led to the patient’s premature death.

Multiple depositions of eyewitnesses, nurses, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and surgeons may be needed to learn the truth of what occurred. Admission records, preop records, nursing logs, and medication logs need to be analyzed. And the decedent’s expected future earnings and loss of life will need to be established, partially based on an expert economist’s opinion.

Only a well-organized and fully staffed wrongful death law firm should handle the most serious legal claim any family could bring against a hospital.

The Law Firm Respects Your Hospital Wrongful Death Claim

The Law Firm’s team of legal professionals and medical-legal experts understand the pain caused by the hole left in your family after the needless loss of your spouse, parent, or child.

Statutes of limitations, mandatory pleading requirements, statutory immunities granted to Covid-19 cases, and other important legal rules leave no room for error.

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