DIY Conveyancing vs. Professional Conveyancing

It can be very tempting to try to take a DIY approach to conveyancing, but is that wise? Conveyancing in Melbourne is a complicated process and can waste a lot of time and money if you make a mistake, which is likely. By comparison, when you hire a professional for conveyancing in Melbourne you have the benefit of their expertise and experience so there’s less risk that something will go wrong. This article discusses the relative merits and disadvantages of DIY conveyancing vs. professional conveyancing. Read on to find out more about why you should always choose to engage a professional for conveyancing.


If you DIY your conveyancing, you could be putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage should the other party in the transaction be using the services of a property lawyer – and it’s highly likely that other people seeking to buy the property you have your eye on are consulting with an expert in conveyancing, so your competition will have an advantage over you too. Part of the tasks involved in conveyancing is looking over the contract, but how can you be sure that you caught every little detail when you don’t have the expertise of a legal professional?


When you’re attempting DIY conveyancing in Melbourne, you’re highly likely to make mistakes that could cost you a lot of money. Some negative consequences of your mistakes could involve high fees – for example, if you delay settlement for an unacceptable reason. There are just so many tasks involved in conveyancing which you will be doing for the first time, so the chances are high that you might make a mistake. But when you call in the professionals, you can greatly reduce your stress levels, as they can handle everything to do with conveyancing for you with their experience to guide them.


When you hire a professional for conveyancing, you have the best chance of attending to all the details involved in the process. Imagine trying to vet contracts for every little detail that might not be advantageous to you as a buyer. This could be a nightmare for someone who is completely inexperienced in such matters, especially when the consequences of your actions are so important to the outcome of the transaction. Even just forgetting to submit a single piece of paperwork could have profound negative consequences.


If you have a full-on life already either working or raising children, it’s not a good idea to try doing conveyancing in Melbourne on your own. It will suck up all of your spare time. First of all, you need to learn all about conveyancing and how to do it, which will take considerable time. Then you need to actually do it, and it can be a very lengthy process with lots of legal jargon involved that you will have to look up and understand. You’ll also have the pressure of getting all forms submitted correctly and on time, otherwise you could face unwanted retribution. Why go through all this when you could simply hire someone who can do all these tasks for you?


You may be thinking that by doing DIY conveyancing in Melbourne, you’re saving money – and you might be, initially at least. But what about the risk you’re taking? At any number of points in the conveyancing process, you could make a costly mistake that causes you to experience extra fees. It makes much more sense to lower your risk by paying the initial money to hire a professional in conveyancing so you can keep your transaction on track.

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