Why You Need a Business Immigration Law Firm

If you have an interest in growing your business through the use of immigrant workers, you may need a business immigration law firm. These firms can help you navigate the complex process of applying for work visas, investing in a green card, and more.

Darren Silver specializes in employment-based immigration, especially EB-5 investments. He has a deep understanding of the complex laws involved in this field.

Representation of Corporate Clients

Business immigration law firms offer legal services to a wide range of corporate clients. They help their clients with the immigration process, which involves obtaining work visas and green cards for foreign workers. They also assist their clients with international employment compliance issues and other related matters.

The immigration practice at Kramer Levin represents large corporations and mid-size companies with a variety of complex global mobility staffing and immigration matters. Managing partner Susan Cohen and senior counsel Angel Feng have experience creating strategies to address unique and complex business immigration-related issues. They have also successfully defended employers against DOJ investigations and civil litigation alleging immigration-related discrimination.

The firm’s New York office handles a full range of employment-based immigration matters for Fortune 500 companies and mid-size businesses. Partner Colleen Caden advises national and international sports organizations on immigration and visa-related matters, including visas for athletes. She is highly recommended for her extensive knowledge of immigration law and experience in drafting global mobility policies.

Consultation with Clients

As a result of globalization, many businesses have an increased need for workers from other countries. Often, these individuals have special skills or experiences that can help a company compete better in the marketplace. But to hire them, companies must follow strict immigration laws and go through the process of business immigration.

To do this, they need a team of experts who understand immigration law and can guide them through the process. These professionals should also have the experience to handle complex litigation cases. Moreover, they should be able to handle complex corporate transactions.

Launching a business immigration law firm can be challenging, but with proper planning and strategic marketing, it is possible to achieve success. This includes drafting a comprehensive business plan, obtaining adequate insurance coverage, and using the right technology. It is also important to establish a strong network of referral sources. These are lawyers who can refer clients to the firm when they have a legal issue that falls within its expertise.

Preparation of Documents

As part of the business immigration process, firms prepare various applications and petitions for clients. These can include work visas, investor visas, and employment-based green cards. They also prepare and submit affidavits, resumés, and corporate documentation for foreign workers. Preparing these documents requires a high degree of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the laws that govern them.

Global companies frequently need employees from around the world to travel to the United States for meetings, trade events, and training for limited periods of time. A qualified firm can help the company obtain B-1 temporary business visas for these individuals.

Many firms specialize in providing family-based immigration services as well. This can involve reunifying employees with their spouses and children who are in the United States on extended business assignments. It can also involve obtaining extraordinary ability visas for individuals who are recognized for their significant achievements in a particular field. In some cases, a qualified firm can also handle appeals and litigation with federal agencies.

Filing of Petition

As our society becomes increasingly global, companies need to hire employees from other countries. This can lead to complex business and immigration law issues that need to be handled by experienced professionals. That is why it is important to have a New York visa petition lawyer by your side who understands the ins and outs of business immigration law.

To hire a nonimmigrant worker, the employer must first file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL will then review and determine whether the employment of the foreign national will adversely affect the wages and working conditions of existing employees.

In some cases, a person with exceptional skills or work that is in the national interest may self-petition for a visa or green card. This is usually the case with entrepreneurs and investors. Seyfarth Shaw’s team of seasoned lawyers is skilled in handling such matters, and its practitioners are known for their expertise in developing comprehensive immigration policies for corporate clients. They are also skilled in advising on extraordinary ability visas for individuals.

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