Why Musical Festivals Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Musical festivals are a lot of fun!  You get to have fun and party while watching your favorite performers making moves on the stage.  Unfortunately, these aren’t the safest places for the average person.

If you’re nervous about music festivals and want the truth: this is everything you need to consider.

The Thick Crowds

The world is still dealing with the multiple strains of Covid, and with Monkeypox in the mix now, crowds are less appealing than ever before.  If anyone coughs, touches or spreads germs, it can spread through these dense crowds in no time.

Beyond this, crowds aren’t as safe as you’d assume.  Although you may think that this many eye means someone will be on your side and protect you, onlookers are more likely to avoid someone if they think helping them would be too much work.  This could leave you vulnerable and harmed in a crowded area.

Widespread Drug and Alcohol Use

Despite the clean look many of these festivals like to advertise, they’re a huge weekend of partying, drinking, and doing drugs.  Even if you’re responsible for how you take any of these: others around you may not be.  This can lead to altercations, physical harm, and more.  People’s inhibitions are down, which can harm everyone.

Lack of Law

Unless you have personal injury attorneys on speed dial: there’s no real law at music festivals.  There are some security guards that will watch the stage and make sure people keep their distance, but there are few that actually patrol the grounds and make sure everyone is safe.  If you’re at a fair, you might as well be alone.

Long Periods of Time

These festivals go on for two to three days!  This is a long time to party and have fun, which can lead to a host of different issues.  From the unsanitary conditions to people losing inhibitions around others to many seeking an easy target: it’s important that you’re on your guard, and this is difficult to do for this long of a time.  Instead, it’s important to be with a small crowd of people you can trust.

These long periods of time can also make you unaware of your surroundings and less likely to notice things when something’s going on.  Buddy systems can protect everyone.

Not Wanting to Cancel the Party

Many festival guests are worried that if they call out poor behavior, the festival will be closed early or that it will end the entire weekend.  Although this might sound small compared to the crime that can happen: if someone thinks you’re speaking up too much and bringing negative comments to the surface, they may try to cut you off or guilt you for ‘ruining everyone’s good time.’

Musical Festivals Are Huge Hazards

The average musical festival will have thousands of people: which diminishes your chances of safety and autonomy.  Whether this is your first festival, and you’re trying to be safe, or you’re a seasoned pro watching out for newbies, it’s vital to remember these aren’t safe areas.

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