All you need to know about DUI

DUI is the short form of ‘Driving under the influence. Simply, it means that driving a vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug makes it unsafe to drive the vehicle. DUI can result in lots of imbalances in emotions. It includes anger, sadness, depression, and frustration. Drinking under influence falls under a criminal offense.  This condition can endanger the life of the driver as well as another person on the road. In most cases, you may be arrested for a DUI. Police may arrest you then and there or later after filing the complaint.

What happens when you are charged with a DUI?

It depends on what state you live in. But certain things are common in almost every case. Such as court appearances, fines, arrests, etc. A DUI can also result in various negative consequences for your job, relationships, etc. Here are points regarding what happens after you get a DUI:

  1. Arrest: The first and foremost thing that happens after a DUI is being arrested. At the time of driving, if police suspect drunk driving, you will be arrested and taken to the police station then and there. Photographs and fingerprints will be taken. In this case, sometimes you can be released immediately after getting bail, or else you can be produced to the court.
  1. Court Appearance: The next step after an arrest is appearing in the court. You will be summoned immediately after the arrest for you to appear in the further proceedings. The date of appearance is mentioned in the summon itself. After appearing, you can fight the case and win.
  1. Loss of driving license:  After you are charged with DUI, you can lose the license for a certain period. Sometimes, a substitute license is given in this case too.
  1. Charging of fine: If you are ever suspected of drunk driving, you will be charged a particular amount of fine. Every state has fixed a particular amount of money as a fine. It can be increased or decreased depending upon the circumstances.
  1. Paying compensation: If either human or property is damaged as a result of drunk driving, you have to pay the compensation. The amount of compensation depends upon the gravity of the damage incurred. If the party who incurred damages files a case against you, you are bound to pay the compensation.

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