Slip and fall accidents – Are you sure where to begin after the unexpected happens?

You never plan for getting hurt in a slip and fall accident but when this unanticipated thing happens, you get both confused and scared. Immediately you wish you could do everything that is possible for you after a slip and fall but in reality, you don’t know where exactly to begin. 

The immediate steps that you take after a slip and fall can have an impact on how soon you can get a compensation amount to recover for the losses incurred. So, when you have a clear idea of the measures to safeguard yourself, this heightens your chances of recovering from the situation. This is where the role of a slip and fall attorney in Atlanta, Georgia comes in. Keep reading to know what to do after a slip and fall. 

  • Call a medical person for help

Seeking medical attention is just required for your physical safety but it is also a vital step in building the lawsuit case. The first thing that you need to do when you’re hurt in a slip and fall is to document your injuries. Hence, it is imperative that you visit a doctor who can help you in creating an expert record of any minor or major injuries that you got. 

Getting the help of a medical professional immediately also lets you record the exact timing of the injury. The defense party may try his best to deny the injuries claiming that you got them in some other instance. Hence, visiting a doctor right away is required. 

  • Do a thorough investigation of the scene

What was the main reason behind your fall? Did the store have a staircase where anyone could slip and trip? Was there water spilled on the floor? Soon after you slip and fall, you should try to take note of the cause of the accident. Give a watchful look around the surroundings to take out the cause. 

  • Click photos of the scene

Although the jury will definitely pay heed to anything that the witnesses will have to say about the scene, yet it is still better to make your case powerful with photos. Everyone has a smartphone and so, make use of it. Click pictures of the floor, the entire area around you, and also of the area which surrounds the scene. The attorney will let you determine which is more vital. 

  • Gather witnesses to make the case strong

To verify the versions of your events in front of the jury, it is critical to have eye-witnesses. In case you slip and fall in a business organization, there might be other customers who can become eyewitnesses of your case. You have to be active in collecting their contact details so that you can get in touch with them, later on, to testify things on your behalf. Ask their names, note down their phone numbers and addresses. 

Last, but not least, the sooner you join hands with a personal injury attorney, the better it is for you. They are experienced individuals who will utilize their resources to make you win a case. 

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