Online Enrollment and Booking Appointment Service the Safest and Fastest Way to Complete a Live Scan

Live scan is a biometric technology that permits fingerprints to be scanned and electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice and FBI instead of using fingerprint cards and ink. This new technology allows background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours. However, there are two major ways to complete a live scan: online enrollment service or just walk in.

With walk-in, you don’t need an appointment, and you can do this during the normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9 am-7 pm. As a walk-in customer, you’ll be live scanned on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, in order to avoid possible wait times, an online live scan enrollment service is the safest and fastest way to complete a live scan. So, you may want to consider online enrollment if you want to get the safest background check result as quickly as possible.

How Does Live Scan Online Enrollment and Booking Appointment Service Work?

Step 1: Create an account with the live scan provider such as or continue as a guest.

 Step 2: You must complete the form with your personal information and takes the form to a live scan company, where you must provide the appropriate identification. This form is vital since it contains the details about the Requesting Agency.

Step 3: Make the payment and set an appointment at your fingerprinting service near you. There are usually two types of fees involved. The fee the live scan technician charges to provide the service and the fee the live scan technician collects on behalf of the DOJ. In some cases, the candidate is not responsible for paying this particular fee. The live scan company can also inform you on how much fee you may be required to pay after showing them the Request for Live Scan Submission form.

 Step 4: Bring along with you the Payment ID or QR Code generated in an email to the live scan online appointment. After scanning the code and ensuring you have already made the payment, the live scan technicians check the applicant’s identification, inputs the personal descriptor information, captures your fingerprints electronically, and transmits it to DOJ or FBI.

Step 5: After the end of the session, you should be given an applicant transaction identifier (ATI) and the number used to identify the transaction. The function of an ATI number doesn’t necessarily mean the personal information and fingerprint images were submitted to the department of justices.

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

If you are looking for a live scan service that is flexible and created to fit into your schedule, not the live scan fingerprinting center, or you are too busy to drive to a live scan fingerprinting center, you can also consider mobile services. When you contact a live scan company, they will come to your place and have your employees’ or candidates’ fingerprints scanned.

Livescan fingerprinting centers come directly to your meetings, coaches, staff, and orientations. With this, you know that all of your candidates or employees will all be fingerprinted at your scheduled time, and get all their results with three to five business days will make it easier on you.


As earlier discussed, an online enrollment service is the fastest and safest way to have your fingerprint scanned and processed. However, you may consider a walk-in if you don’t mind staying in the queue for a considerable amount of time. A mobile service is also a viable option for an organization with large employees or candidates that require a background check.

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