Types of Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits are for every disabled. Once a person is disabled, his livelihood is in danger. At such times, social security offers benefits by which one can afford basic necessities of life.

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There are four major security benefits:

1] Retirement Benefits: 

These benefits are obtainable for people over 62 who have completed a 10-year service. The benefit amount relies on the stipend in the past and the age at which you started availing benefits. They are not meant to be your sole source of income but they can be fruitful for retirement years. Even your spouse or divorced spouse is eligible; even if they have not signed up for it. 

2] Disability Benefits:

Disabilities are quite well-defined. You can be liable to these benefits only if your disability fits the standards. These benefits are provided to the people who are incompetent to work at any cost. The people who cannot work due to their severe disabilities are issued a sum of money depending on their age and pre-disability salary. This too just like retirement benefits can be availed only if you’ve served for a certain duration. 

3] Survivors Benefits:

These benefits are provided to the family of a worker who has passed away or is retired and unable to work. Typically widows, children, divorced spouses are liable to these benefits. The level of benefits depends on the worker’s age at death, the worker’s salary, the survivor’s relationship with the deceased, and the survivor’s age. 

4] Supplemental Security Income Benefits:

These are for people who are unable to work by themselves. These benefits are applicable to elders with disabilities, youngsters with disabilities, and retired people over 65 years of age. Individuals with vast working experience are entitled to the SSI as well as disability or retirement benefits. 

The figure paid relies on the work history of the employee, his location, his lifestyle, etc. Social security benefits create assurance and security for survival post-retirement. It provides certitude at a time of immense uncertainty. Families of workers are eligible to claim the benefits as well. Claims for Social security benefits can be denied at times, which is why having attorneys who are well-versed in the field can help you gain your deserved benefits. These benefits are not only necessary for you but also for your family and a secure future.  

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