Taking a Look at How a Commercial Lease Lawyer Can Help You

Qualified lease lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about property leasing and can help landlords and tenants alike in a range of ways. This includes advising clients on legal issues related to new leases, lease disputes, disclosure statements, transfer of lease and variation of lease, in addition to sublease, lease surrender, further terms, rent determination and more. This article takes a closer look at how a lease lawyer can help represent your interests and achieve equitable outcomes.

Commercial Leases

A lease lawyer will have experience helping tenants and landlords with a new or existing commercial lease. They understand the practical realities both parties face and aim to achieve outcomes that satisfy them. They’re capable of reviewing a lease, providing advice on clauses, recommending amendments, and facilitating better relationships between both parties. A lease lawyer protects your interests and negotiates terms on your behalf for leasing scenarios ranging from simple to complex

In addition, they can draft accurate disclosure statements for landlords and advise tenants on these to ensure they don’t contain misleading information. They also have expertise with transfer of lease to ensure a smooth transition and minimal liability, variation of lease to accommodate a change of circumstances, and other lease-related matters. A lease lawyer usually boasts excellent negotiation skills, allowing them to represent the interests of tenants and landlords in an honest, pragmatic and conciliatory way. They’ll consider relevant issues so as to reach compromises and resolve disputes without hassle.

Other Lease-Related Matters

Lease lawyers can assist clients with other commercial lease-related matters. One such area includes sublease, which is when a tenant who has excess space wishes to rent it out to another business. A lawyer can make sure the subleased area is properly defined, the terms have been carefully considered, and adequate protections have been in put in place.

Another area that a lease lawyer can help you with is lease surrender. They can draft and review any and all documents if and when the parties want to end a lease early due to new circumstances or a dispute, giving them the opportunity to walk away amicably without bearing unnecessary costs. On the other hand, if tenants and/or landlords wish to continue a lease beyond the existing term, a lawyer can help them exercise their options correctly and negotiate on their behalf.

What’s more, tenants can request advice from a lease lawyer with rent review disputes if the tenant is unhappy with a rent increase and cannot reach an agreement with the landlord. A lawyer with experience in property leasing can help the tenant negotiate an optimum outcome.

Get Advice and Assistance from Lease Lawyers

Landlords and tenants can get expert advice and assistance from lease lawyers on a wide range of lease-related matters, issues and disputes. Whether you need help drawing up and agreeing on a new lease, negotiating and resolving a lease dispute, or going over your options for further terms, your lease lawyer can provide the guidance and support you need.

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