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Many people understand that entertainers like big-time musicians or filmmakers can benefit from hiring an entertainment attorney, but fewer people might realize that those involved in theatre may also need legal assistance. Entertainment lawyers can help protect a theatre company, rental space, actors, and other people involved from legal issues, and they can help negotiate better terms. Learn more about how entertainment lawyers can help those in the theatre industry below.

Negotiate Rental Agreements

Theatre productions require large amounts of equipment, from theatre spaces to lights, sound systems, backdrops, live music, and so much more. Navigating rental agreements can be overwhelming and confusing for an independent theatre company, community theatre organization, or other similar entities. Having an entertainment lawyer on your side to guide you through the process and ensure that your rental agreement is fair for all parties can make a huge difference in the costs associated with renting, and the amount of freedom you have with the equipment you need.

Facilitate Co-Production Agreements

Sometimes theatre companies or troupes will decide to organize a co-production that brings together two or more entities to pool resources and create an even more spectacular show than is possible on their own. Co-productions can be hugely successful when both parties cooperate reasonably, and the best way to ensure that each company adheres to rules or standards is by creating a co-production agreement or contract.

It’s best to enlist the help of a knowledgeable and skilled entertainment lawyer for these agreements, as having an outside opinion on what makes an agreement fair and beneficial for both parties can be highly beneficial.

Obtain Legal Rights to Music or Trademarks

Because of various copyright and trademark laws, it’s often unlawful to use another artist’s music or compositions, even in a small production, without written permission. Fortunately, your entertainment lawyer will have a thorough understanding of these laws and what steps need to be taken to acquire proper permissions for music, technology, or imagery that will make your production really shine without violating any laws and risking costly lawsuits.

Represent Actors, Directors, or Other Theatre Figures

When getting cast for a role in theatre production, it may be tempting to sign the first contract presented to you. This might not always be the best course of action, as you may be able to negotiate a higher salary or ask for other benefits, such as occasional time off, coaching, or other items or services that can help enhance your performance and keep you healthy.

Having an entertainment lawyer look over any contracts before you sign them can help an actor, director, makeup artist, costume designer, and other people involved in the production get better terms to enable them to do the best job possible.

Entertainment Lawyers Help Theatre People Too

Entertainment lawyers aren’t reserved for television and movie actors, musicians, or online personalities. Entertainment lawyers can also help those involved in theatre will all of the above and more, and it’s often better to form a relationship with one earlier on in your career when possible.

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