How a Deposition Summary Can help You Win Your Case

When you think about “depositions”, what comes to mind? A lawsuit? Lawyers? Lawyers who describe a witness’ words as “testimony”? In this article we outline the basic premise of a deposition summary and how it can help you win your case.

What are depositions?

Depositions are a way for lawyers to gather information from people who may have information relevant to a legal dispute. They can be used in civil lawsuits, criminal trials, and other types of legal proceedings.

What is a Deposition Summary

A deposition summary therefore is a document prepared by the court reporter that summarizes the contents of a deposition.

It is created to protect the parties from having to read through hours of recorded testimony. The purpose of this summary is to provide a quick and easy reference in case there are any disputes over what was said during the deposition.

A deposition summary may contain information about what was asked and answered, who asked the questions, where and when it took place, and any other observations made by the court reporter.

What’s Expected of Me When Preparing for My Deposition?

The preparation for a deposition will vary depending on what type of deposition it is. If it is in court, then there are many formalities that need to be followed. For example, if you are testifying in court, you should dress formally with no jewelry or makeup on. In other types of depositions, such as an out-of-court deposition, you can dress more casually and wear some makeup or jewelry if you wish.

How to Prepare for Your Deposition

The process of preparing for a deposition can be difficult, but there are five steps that will make it easier:

1) Review the case, including your notes and the other party’s documents

2) Make an outline of what you want to cover

3) Practice answering questions

4) Prepare exhibits (e.g. photos, diagrams, etc.)

5) Dress appropriately


In conclusion, there is great importance in gathering relevant information in a lawsuit and the deposition summary is one of the most important parts of this process. So before the deposition, it is important to prepare for it. If you know what questions you will be asked, it will be easier to answer them honestly and accurately. This includes reviewing documents that might be relevant to the case before your deposition starts.

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