From Violations to Felonies: Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hays County and What They Will Do For Your Case:

With Hays county having a notoriously tough stance on crime while being known for an overflowing county jail and backlogged court system, a criminal defense lawyer can reduce the hassle associated with the local justice system and provide help in dealing with any type of criminal charge or violation. If you’ve been charged with a crime in San Marcos, regardless of the severity it is wise to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Hays county to assist in navigating the local courts and ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Here are some ways that a Hays county criminal defense lawyer can help your case- whether it involves a simple violation such as a traffic ticket, or something more serious like a misdemeanor or felony. Additionally, for those who find themselves in a bind, we’ve included the contact information of some locally acclaimed lawyers who can provide you with a consultation.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hays County Help My Case?

A criminal defense lawyer’s job is to represent their client in all criminal matters regardless of how mundane or complex these matters may be. While every case is unique and a lawyer will take a different approach towards a less serious matter like a violation when compared to a misdemeanor or felony, defense lawyers are zealous in defending all cases and will always do whatever task a case requires to provide their clients with a favorable outcome. Here’s a little information on what a local defense lawyer’s main job is when defending different criminal offenses.

  • Violations: With traffic offenses being among Hays county’s most common violations, there are several ways in which a local defense lawyer can aid in avoiding the associated penalties of a fine or points being added to your license. Many traffic violations require an appearance in court, with failure to attend a court date often resulting in a judge issuing a warrant for arrest. While this can be a major inconvenience resulting in defendants having to take off from work, luckily enough, for most traffic violations a lawyer can show up to court in your stead. Given the minor nature of many traffic violations and the fact that many of the local criminal defense lawyers in Hays county are highly familiar with the local courts, prosecution, and judges, lawyers can oftentimes use their connections and expert legal knowledge to argue that a violation be dismissed, carry a lesser penalty, or be eligible for a pretrial deferral program.
  • Misdemeanors and Felonies: In cases that can include jury trials and carry more severe penalties such as jail time, lawyers are there every step of the way, taking on a more investigative role and often clocking a lot more hours when preparing for a misdemeanor or felony case in comparison to a violation. Given the gravity of many of these criminal cases, a criminal defense lawyer will spend a considerable amount of time interviewing the defendant and any witnesses to gather the crucial facts of a case. Lawyers are also responsible for cultivating and analyzing any pertinent evidence and gathering expert witnesses that can prove their client’s innocence. Finally, when defending serious criminal manners a defense lawyer will litigate in court and discuss the potential for a plea bargain before representing their client in front of a jury. If a case must go to trial, a defense lawyer can ensure a fair jury selection process, and use their legal research and case theory to formulate an argument that results in a case’s best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hays County:

From traffic violations to felony DWIs, these local lawyers have successfully represented a variety of cases in Hays county:

Jeffrey Connelly of Cofer and Connelly PLLC: With hundreds of hours representing clients in jury trials, Connelly is well equipped to defend any Hays county criminal case. For a free consultation call (512)  991- 0576.

Jarrod L. Smith of Smith and Vinson Law Firm: With experience representing thousands of cases throughout Central Texas, Smith has received dismissals and not guilty verdicts for a full range of criminal cases. For a free consultation call (512) 359- 3743.

Richard Ursha Attorney at Law: With over 20 years of experience in the San Marcos courts, Ursha has the skill and connections to swiftly handle your case. For a free consultation call (512) 551- 1179.

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